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Frequently Asked Questions


What is required to apply for an apartment?

1.) A valid form of CA identification

2.) Paycheck stubs from your last 3 pay periods or tax returns from the

previous year, if self-employed

3.) Completed application form

4.) Names and phone numbers of previous apartment building managers


What factors are considered in approving my apartment application?

Pellegrino Apartments is an equal opportunity Landlord and does not discriminate against any class protected by law. Applications for Leases are approved or declined based upon an applicant’s application profile, credit history and FICO score, employment history, and former landlord references.


What does the application fee cover and why is it non-refundable?

Our application fee covers our costs to screen you as a Tenant. This includes not only the application report fee, but also the time our staff must take to collect and verify the information on your application and make a decision on your application. Therefore, the $35 fee is nonrefundable because we incur the costs of processing your application regardless of whether your apartment application is approved or declined.


Do you allow pets in your apartment buildings?

While we are dog lovers, we unfortunately cannot allow them except for a select number of our properties. This helps keep our apartments quiet, clean, and safe for all tenants to enjoy. Cats are allowed at select properties with an additional deposit. Please inquire with your onsite manager for your building’s pet policy.


Who pays for repairs in my unit?

You will only be billed for repairs if the repair was a direct result of actions that were the tenant’s responsibility or neglect.


How long are your leases?

All of our leases are for a minimum of one year, unless agreed upon otherwise.


Can we sublet?

No, we do not allow tenants to sublet their apartments.


Can a security deposit be used for the last month’s rent?

No. If a tenant has not specifically paid the last month’s rent when he/she moved in, he/she must pay his regular rent during his last month of tenancy. 


Is there a penalty for leaving my lease early?

Yes. If you break your lease, you will be responsible for all of the rent during the remainder of your lease period until such time that the owner re-rents your vacated apartment to another tenant. However, at the tenant's option, the owner will accept a 2-month rent penalty as full compensation for breaking your lease. 


What should I do in the case of an emergency?

In case of fire, flood, or other major emergencies, please dial 911. 


I detect a gas smell. What should I do?

If you detect a gas leak smell, call So Cal Gas immediately. The Gas Co. number is 800-427-2200.

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